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Just What the Doctor Ordered.

Improving Productivity While
Reducing Healthcare Costs.

Shifting from Disease Management to Disease PREVENTION

Proactive. Engaged. Personalized.

With patient-focused care in mind, My Health Onsite is your complete source for improving health and boosting productivity. Through our interactive portals and your onsite or near-site health center, you will find easy access to the transformative power of onsite primary care and personalized services.  Our  programs go beyond caring for the sick and treating injuries – we make PREVENTION our number one goal.

Our medical team takes time to build strong personal relationships.  No one is rushed in and out, and no one is a “number.”  Patients may access a range of medical services at your onsite or near-site health center, including x-rays, an onsite pharmacy, treatment for acute illnesses like the flu, and medical care for chronic conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

My Health Onsite

Patient Engagement that is
Personalized and Proactive.

A Win-Win for Employees and Employers

  • Convenient access and locations
  • Primary care and disease management
  • NO co-pays or deductibles for services
  • Free screenings and physicals
  • Increased physician face-time
  • Free generic prescriptions
  • HIPAA and privacy compliance

Our founders have helped optimize an onsite care model for employers — extending benefits of free office visits, screenings, wellness programs, and increased physician face-time for Employees, Retirees, and Dependents. Contact us for your free consultation.