Leadership & Mission

Leadership & Mission
Proactive. Engaged. Personalized.

My Health Onsite strives to deliver an advanced worksite-healthcare model that enhances patient engagement while delivering medical services to proactively improve health outcomes for patients. Through best-in-class medical partnerships and interactive e-health portals, employers and plan members reap the benefits of holistic medicine, personalized care, and drastically lower healthcare costs.

Jason Tomlinson, Director of Operations

Jason TomlinsonJason Tomlinson has a decade of experience in implementing systems, recruiting staff, and strategically managing over 30 onsite clinical operations that serve public sector employers such as county sheriff’s offices, city governments, county governments and county school districts, along with private clients.  He leads the My Health Onsite team in optimizing employee health and wellness centers through a model that adapts services to the needs of individual patients.  As VP and Director of Operations at My Health Onsite,  Jason works directly with clients to deliver solutions that are unique and unmatched in employer-based healthcare.  Call 321-221-0664 to reach out to Jason for information regarding onsite health and wellness centers in your area.

Jason Tomlinson says, “The future of corporate health is recognizing that today’s at-risk patients are tomorrow’s sickest, who are carrying the highest burden of illness and healthcare cost. Together we are reclaiming health, one patient at a time, by focusing on patient engagement that is both personalized and proactive.”

Jalal Kurdi, M.D. , Chief Medical Officer

Jalal Kurdi, M.D. completed his undergraduate education at Universidad Iberoamericana. He went on to get his medical degree from Saint Matthew’s University. He completed his Family Medicine Residency training through Beaumont hospital in Michigan. After residency, Dr. Kurdi quickly recognized the benefits of our care model and has dedicated himself to it since. Having worked in on-site care since 2014, Dr. Kurdi is well-acquainted with all aspects of care My Health Onsite provides.

Dr Kurdi is hard-working, compassionate and shows dedication and attention to detail in everything he does. As Chief Medical Officer, he plans to work diligently to continue to enhance the quality of care provided through all My Health Onsite employee health and wellness centers.

Our proven successes have positioned us to implement cost-saving solutions for employers of nearly all sizes.
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