Patient Resources

Patient Resources

At My Health Onsite, we provide comprehensive preventive and coordinated care that is focused on each patient’s unique needs. We help promote the highest quality of care by providing you easy access to screenings, preventive services, and health programs in addition to integrated primary care.

Get started by logging into your Personal Medical Portal and scheduling an appointment to visit your nearby health and wellness center.  Your self-service Portal helps ELEVATE your health by connecting you with the data and tools to play an active role in your healthcare.

Your Prescription For Better Health

We make it easy to schedule appointments and communicate with your medical team via the latest technologies.  Simply Login via the “Patient Access” page for information about health resources and programs.

Personal Medical Portal

  • Schedule appointments anytime, anywhere, using the online appointment scheduler
  • Share day-to-day health data with providers and care managers
  • Upload information from FitBit and other wearables
  • Access health information via an online personal health record
  • Complete Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) online
  • Receive important notifications via email or text
  • Access health resources, drug interaction index, and a symptom evaluator
  • Participate in incentive programs and wellness competitions

By focusing on early interventions and patient support, our team of experts is able to better treat and protect your health.
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